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Depression or Sadness
The word depression is used so frequently today, that many wonder what it is, who suffers from it and when is treatment advisable? Depression is an illness indicated by a number of symptoms... Full Article >>

I have been thinking a great deal lately about disappointment, a universal emotion that elicits numerous other emotions as we struggle to deal with the feeling of being let down. Often, disappointment... Full Article >>

Don't Take It Personally...
A concept that is difficult to wrap our minds around, but potentially very helpful is to not take things personally. If someone is rude to us or cuts us off in traffic... Full Article >>

I have heard it said that expectations are killers. To me this implies that we set ourselves up for disappointment when we have expectations of how people, things, life or even the weather... Full Article >>

Friends provide us with many of life’s necessities including companionship, compassion and the opportunity to see the humor in our trials and tribulations. They share our celebrations and our defeats... Full Article >>

How Rejection Hurts
Recently the Harvard Mental Health Letter reported a study correlating the pain of rejection with a high potential of developing depression. It was also demonstrated... Full Article >>

Individual & Group Therapy
When people seek therapy, they usually meet with a therapist privately to discuss their concerns. The therapist evaluates the client’s needs and suggests appropriate... Full Article >>

It is often those clients, who are clearly suffering in a quest for perfection, who will tell you they are not perfectionists. Since they are not achieving perfection in any area of their lives... Full Article >>

Each month as the deadline for my article approaches, I begin to dread the process. As the date gets closer, I feel increasingly anxious. I fear not having anything to write about and I imagine... Full Article >>

The Psychotherapist's Toolbox
My colleague and I have focused on various aspects of psychotherapy in recent articles. This month, I am describing some of the tools we use and how they may implement change in... Full Article >>

Resolutions? Get Real!
If you are like most people, you may have already given up on your New Years resolutions. You may also be feeling bad about yourself for not following through on your commitment... Full Article >>

Shame As An Obstacle To Getting Help
Shame is an internal emotional experience that evolves from feeling exposed and vulnerable. This internal state coincides with a belief that something is wrong, bad and inherently embarrassing... Full Article >>

Adult sibling relationships are often overlooked in psychotherapy. As therapists, our focus is usually on historic and current parent/child issues, with little attention... Full Article >>

Why Psychotherapy?
People often ask how talking to a psychotherapist could help in dealing with emotional distress. Those who are especially skeptical even think they could just as easily talk to... Full Article >>

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